Rise and Fall

Everything else is height and depth, rise and fall ~ Tomas Tranströmer

Three things to share in this humble post:

1) I got granted my Work Authorisation in Canada!! This English damsel is now unquestionably employable and allowed to return to the Canadian wonderland again. I’m on a mission, machine-gunning resumes and carefully crafted covering letters, on a quest to get myself any experience that will bring me closer to my goal to work in IVF. The Biology degree was an almighty leap in the right direction but now I need work experience stepping stones to make the climb to where I want to go. My flight is 4th April, and as you might have guessed I am a little excited! Mainly because it means I will be back to being a busy bee again, I miss having a packed schedule, and activities to build my day around.

I will not waste a minute!

2) Now this scenic landscape has adorned my background for a fair few months now, isn’t it breathtaking?

Just looking at it gives me a sense of serenity and leaves me in awe of how striking nature can be. The lake acting just like a mirror, perfectly reflecting everything. Imagine living in that little white house and having the privilege of being greeted by such a picturesque view every time you gazed outside your window. Maybe row a boat out into the blue and let your troubles and the world melt away. I think I could be perfectly happy living out in this ‘rise and fall’ – hiking and picnicking when the weather is fine and taking in the surroundings, then when the weather turns cosy up inside to read by the window or watch as the droplets of rain splash down comforted by a mug of tea. It is so easy to daydream when I see an image like this.

Unfortunately I cannot take credit for such photo mastery. After much googling I cannot find the original source but I thank the photographer for bringing a slice of Norway to my computer screen. I can attest to the idyllic form of the Norwegian landscape having seen it through my own eyes, it’s hard to believe you aren’t part of a postcard scene. Mesmerising. I can wholly understand how the Norwegians could be an ‘outdoorsy’ nation when they have this as their playground.

3.  On the theme of rise and fall of the landscape is a poem written by Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer which I think perfectly describes this Nordic topography of mountain ranges and fjords. Proof nature is a fantastic and versatile architect. I translated it from the Norwegian (found here) as part of my language learning, it won’t be spot-on, probably shaky in parts but then again poetry doesn’t always make sense. So maybe I let my imagination, logic and interpretation try and fill in the blanks.

After a long drought

Summer is gray just now a marvelous evening.

Rain sneaks down from the sky and lands silently

As if to outwit the sleeping.

Water rings swarm on the sea surface and it is the only surface there is
Everything else is height and depth, rise and fall

Two pine stems shoot in the air and continue the long hollow signal drums.

Gone are the cities and sun
Thunder exists in the long grass.

It’s all right to telephone the island of mirage.
It’s all right to hear the gray voice.
Iron ore is honey to the thunder.
It’s all right to live by your own code.

It might be a bit cryptic in places. Heck, you might not even like poetry. But for me the final line really resonates. It’s alright to be you, live by your own rules.


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