The Antipodes

‘The world is a playground, and life is pushing my swing’ ~ Natalie Kocsis

I am so glad I didn’t click my ruby red shoes together and wish myself at the exact point opposite me (diametrically speaking) on the Earth’s surface or I would be in dire need of  a boat.

Looks like I’m stuck out on the International Date Line near New Zealand if I get teleported from quaint rural Lincolnshire, UK.

Or stranded in the deep blue where Southern and Indian Oceans meet if I click my Calgarian cowboy boots.

The neat little tool I used is found here. Settle those curiosities and try it. Here’s hoping you land on dry land.

PROOF: always consult the internet. Even when making unrealistic teleportation wishes.



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3 responses to “The Antipodes

  1. ‘The world is a playground, and life is pushing my swing’ Love that quote!!! 🙂 Hadn’t come across it before, but it sums up my attitude towards travelling, and life in general, quite well… Wonderful photo of Norway you’ve got there by the way… Not sure which particular fjord it is, but it’s a very atmospheric shot! Have you been?

    • You have a splendid attitude then 😀 Life is about getting out there and enjoying the world and all its wonders. Just embracing everything.

      Let me know if you find out the identity of the beautiful fjord.

      I have indeed been to the Kingdom of Norway. Conclusion: I love it!
      I have strolled down Karl Johans Gate and climbed up the steep slope of the Oslo opera house like a true tourist. Some of the finest scenery I’ve ever laid eyes on when I took the Dovre Railway. I really do love the place though and I felt welcomed. I went with a few choice phrases ‘tusen takk’ and ‘vær så snill’ and came back wanting to learn more of the language. I will definitely be back 🙂 and maybe be brave enough to order off the menus.

      I can imagine adapting from the UK to Norway to be hard at the beginning, did you slip into the way of life easily? But I think it must be worth the trouble going by all the Norsk living blogs I love including yours.

  2. I too ended up in the middle of the ocean. A little closer to Australia, but still not within swimming distance. Esp since I can’t swim.

    I did let my mom know that it would be a bad idea for either of us to tunnel through the earth to the other side. Unless we wanted to drown that is.


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