Time sped forward

‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life’ ~ Mary Oliver.

Do you need a reminder that life is short and precious? Maybe this is it.

How do you feel? These are my musings.

Inspired? It reminds me that our time on earth is fleeting and we need to make the most of our finite time here. Live in the moment and capture it before life rolls on unstoppably. Promise to have a ‘seize the day’ attitude. My life so far, nearly a quarter gone, captured in the first 30 seconds of the film – a great deal achieved but still full of so many aspirations and so much more to accomplish. It adds a visual to the saying that life is a journey, definitely don’t lead yourself to believe there is a destination or you’ll never enjoy the passage. It makes me want to blow caution to the wind and take those trips I’ve been waiting for.

Sad? I know that we’re getting a bit older all the time, it’s just hard for me to fathom. When I was 13, I couldn’t imagine being in my twenties and it’s happening. I wonder what we’ll look back and think of our 20-something selves when we’re a golden age?  I want to be proud of myself and be glad I didn’t waste a second. I hate the reminder that the clock doesn’t stop for those around us either, but it also makes me appreciate every moment I have with them. My grandad is a one of these reminders, losing him reminded me that no one is here forever, it made that sad expression real to me. Before then I wished myself naive enough to not even contemplate it.

Wonder? It’s strange looking at photographs of someone over the years , watching them grow in leaps and bounds before our eyes. But when you’re continuously around someone you know they’ve grown up, but it feels harder to confront the difference. To pinpoint those changes. If that makes sense? Something that troubled me about the Canada move, that time gap, would it be more noticeable that my parents had got older in my absence? I wonder if when couples get older, in their minds, do they really still see each other as when they were falling in love and in their youth?

Sarasota, FL - My wonderful parents.

And now obviously this advert neglects that the transition through life is more often than not non-linear with unpredictable events. Not everyone will or wants to take the education-job-married-kids route. Some critics thought this advert was pretty sexist with the woman having her life mapped out in the clichéd way. Naturally everyone’s pursuit of happiness is different. Love and joy are what make life worth living, whether it involves the white picket fence or not.

(Up – the film my boyfriend refers to as ‘The greatest movie since Wall-E but add in a tonne of sad’)

I understand that moments define us, but it’s becoming more clear to me it isn’t just the few and mighty but the little ones that matter.



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7 responses to “Time sped forward

  1. What a wonderful advert. I really liked it – and definitely inspired. In the last year I’ve realised how much control we have over our time, and our lives… just by focusing on being an active participant instead of coasting by and one day being left wondering where all the time went. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    • Hey brain twin, seems like I stole your thoughts in a reply to an earlier comment of yours! 😀

      I love sharing these treasures and its great if something good can be taken away from them. Such a mixed response in the UK it was either love it or hate it, but then I guess some people just love to complain and find the negative in everything. What’s not to like? It’s a beautiful life when you get to your happy place 🙂

      You reminded me of something one of my Uni tutors said to me, ‘when you leave these gates in a few years, don’t drift’. Sometimes I feel its hard not to, but got to keep the hands on the steering wheel.

  2. Julie

    I love that montage in “Up” but it was so sad and it made not ashame to cry over a cartoon.

    Anyways when I did the 365 photo a day project, it’s so interesting how much changes in year when I look through my photos for my recap post, I think “wait, that happened?” I know I haven’t even hit 365 but even when I got to day 100, I felt like there were so many things going on. I actually started this project when I quit my waitressing job from college and was curious how far it would take me. From there, I noticed it was not only a change in scenery but also a change of attitude. Like when I go through my blog and pictures and I noticed “wow, haven’t done much lately maybe I should do this”–trying to avoid complacency and well…spiritual apathy, I guess. I am sure glad I did when I can :-).

    • I think my heart broke several times throughout the montage but I’m happy that true love like that can exist. Part of the beauty of life is the emotional rollercoaster and being able to feel 🙂 I’m not scared to get emotional either over something so touching.

      I’m so proud of you for getting so far in your P365, it must be rewarding to see the changes and look over pictures and remember a moment a little clearer. Sounds like its had a really positive impact on your thinking and given you something to focus on too, maybe I should give it a whirl. Need your staying power tips!

  3. Julie

    hey I got your postcard! I’ll post it up later today. I’ll probably send you another postcard from LA–it’s really lovely!

  4. I think the advert is kind of sexist and doesn’t show the other different and just as happy kind of lives. I think they should make a homosexual one of these adverts and show how as stable that kind of life can also be.

    I do think life can throw some difficult happenings, But in the end I do think life kind of moulds together to one big storyboard of mostly happy things like this advert. Sometimes problems seem much more important in the present than in the past and that is what always happens to me.

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