My cat found e-Fame on Google Maps. I’m expecting diva behavior, it’s only a matter of time before she demands white orchids by her wigwam cat bed and the finest luxury cat milk from Harrods. Meet Sasha, the family tortoiseshell moggy whose been around since my primary school days, affectionately called ‘Wookie’ or Pygmy Tiger.

Cat of Google Maps fame. Much temptation to LOLcat this: 'Iz on ur lawn, stealin' ur e-Fame'.

'Rub my belly', said Madam Sasha Cat.

Somehow finding my cat on GMaps led to me seek out every past house I have lived in.  On the Internet, one click always leads to another, right?

L: First few years of my life in a tiny house in Bodmin, Cornwall (UK). Home since 1986. R: Lived in Sawtry, Huntingdon til 1997.

A secret rural location. Home since 1997, out of everywhere I've lived I consider this home the most.

University of Sheffield. Left: Started in Stephenson Halls of Residence, the building is very regal looking from the outside, this was my block a.k.a SouthWing. Middle: Then onto Crookes Road attic room in a shared house. Right: Filey Lane apartments for the final year.



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8 responses to “GoogleCat

  1. Google maps can become quite addictive! Our IT guy is forever caught on camera when you look up our office, outside on a smoke break lol.

    • Google maps, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, too much internet goodness. Oh and blog hopping, don’t forget that.

      I liked going round my neighborhoods and remembering who lived where. Still gutted that Sasha featured, I’ll be ready for the Google car next time!

  2. Hamish Scott

    What a great idea, I’m off to Google…

  3. Sophie

    Oh wow! How cool is that?! Must say you have lived in some rather charming places. My childhood home is in such a bad area that the GMaps van didn’t even go around there…sad times…

    Actually a few weeks back we were looking on GMaps for another supermarket near me, and once on street view we spotted how an old biddy alllllmost got run over by the actual GMaps camera van! Much clicking back and forward just haddd to be done!

    • It bought back a lot of memories, the internet is pretty good for digging up the past – good and bad.
      I don’t remember much about the house in Cornwall except playing in the back garden as there was a swing and sandpit. Happy days!

      AMG that is priceless Sophie! Me thinks you need to start an internet viral.

  4. Julie

    I had a neighbor who was an exchange student from Uni. Sheffield.

    Anyways cute cat! I remembered when I google mapped my parent’s house, I was like “whoa! my neighbors are in the google map!”

    • I’d be interested to know what they studied and whether they liked it at Sheffield, it felt like we were in a constant rain shadow 😦

      Sasha is adorable, some people found my blog by searching ‘pygmy tiger’ which I found amusing 😛 As far as I knew she was the only one!

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