In Many Guises

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one” ~ C. S. Lewis.

Virtually crossing paths with someone and unintentionally extending your social circle. One of the joys of the world wide web is being able to connect with people we may otherwise never have met. Not exactly orthodox but this guise has its own little nook that exists between the conventional connecting we do everyday. Friendship can come in guises beyond the playground, classroom, lecture theatre and work place. Away from sidewalks and subway trains. In ways that several decades ago would have sounded ludicrous. Breaching the boundaries of your towns and cities.

I’m sad that graduation and the city translocation means many distant friends. The post-high school and end of Uni dispersal. No more stones throw away. But I’m happy inside knowing that I have people there for me regardless of mileage.

The Nostradamus post pretty much lays down my primary motivations for starting a blog, but secondary to this was the need to have a creative outlet but not just one where I would write on a whim but where I’d need to be disciplined to keep it up over a long period, to surpass writer’s block if it struck and post at regular intervals. I began to write for myself and slowly began to find out there was so much more to blogging.

My wonderful blog friends the new, the not so new and the ones to be

Reading your blogs is entertaining as well as inspiring. I love those moment when I get a sense of ‘and I thought I was the only one’. Understanding someone else’s views, beliefs and reading intently their stories and adventures. Seeing things in a whole new light. Sharing things about ourselves, even that we might hide from our ‘real life’ friends. Bit by bit this person on the screen becomes a real person outside their online musings. That’s my favourite part.

Some weeks are a bit more hectic than others with getting my hands on the internet but I always strive to get on top of my comments and emails, go on a blog safari to keep in the loop with your lives and give you my 2 cents and pence. Comments left on my journal have been a joy to read and are ever encouraging. Both to my writings and coping in my unfamiliar and uncertain situation. I can never believe it when people say they’ve found something inspiring in my self-reflections and wonderings. It’s one of those moments when you look in disbelief and say, ‘Me?’. For all the above. I couldn’t thank you more.

Whether sourced from unorthodox or conventional means, relationships with other people are important and make us who we are.



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4 responses to “In Many Guises

  1. I have an award ceremony going on here No little black dress required.

  2. Julie

    since I am doing a daily blog post for the month of May (which excludes 365 Day photo project) I definitely run into writer’s block because how in the world can have enough to say in 31 days. But I keep writing or I post a music video or an interesting sign if I don’t have time to write–but i much prefer writing a real post. So far NaBloPoMo has made me exercise my writing muscles and I hope to keep going beyond the month of May and beyond my 365 project!

    I understand the whole having friends in distant places. I know they’re in LA but most of them are in LA for college and next month they’re graduating and going back to wherever they are. It makes me sad that I won’t see from a 1.5 hour drive but hey it gives me an excuse to go to the Bay Area/East Coast/anywhere they are lol. Funny thing, I got a post in the works for this too.

  3. the blogosphere is all about amazing connections…some of my very best friends and confidants were first bloggy pals.

    thanks for stopping by and visiting me today…i had seen your swap request on postcrossing, but hadn’t yet had time to answer. we’ve just moved across the country and started new jobs and it has yet to settle down to a dull roar, so i’ve been neglecting postcrossing a lot and my bloggy visits a little bit.

    but i will be back to visit again!


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