Ghost Dog

Animals are such agreeable friends –  they ask no questions, pass no criticisms ~ George Eliot

This weekend I am responsible for looking after this little character:

This is Hastings. Named after Poirot’s sidekick from the crime series of the same name. He is quite an old doggie and when he looks up at me like this I can’t help but fall in love with him and want to spoil him with treats! He is full of awesomeness because:

  • He helps defend the house from squirrels.
  • He is always eager to share his squid toy with me. Even if it only has 4 tentacles. And look more like a bundle of cloth than a sea creature after much dog mauling.
  • When he thinks I’m hiding a treat he becomes the ultimate Crufts dog and is overcome with obedience. ‘Milkbone you say? Now I might sit’.
  • I have come to accept his sneezing in my face as just another sign of affection.
  • He has stealth abilities.
  • Hasting’s food bowl goes from empty to full in 30 seconds flat. All hail the champion of dog chow!
  • He is a Ghost Dog, when I met him he was a Big Yellow Dog but as the years have gone by his sunshine fur is highlighted with a white/grey tinge and a ghost mask. A distinguished, regal dog look don’t you agree?
  • He is owned by my boyfriend’s family. Whenever David is around Hastings he acts like a big softie. Men who like animals is a tick in the box for me.
  • I think Hastings loves me.

I met Hastings in 2005. He never snarled, snapped or jumped around unpredictably. He was a gentle kind of dog, you could let small children play with his silky ears as he would never lash out in annoyance. As someone who was a bit nervous around new dogs as a kid I would have appreciated  the Hastings calm nature back then. Being a canine pensioner now it takes him forever to walk around the block because he has to sniff absolutely everything as his other senses aren’t as sharp as before and he needs that sensory map of his surroundings.

Behind his big brown eyes I’m sure there are plenty of intelligible thoughts going on, ones beyond food and toy mauling, maybe.



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4 responses to “Ghost Dog

  1. Oh my lord, elderly ghost-faced dogs make me go weak at the knees. Hastings is ADORABLE (and, I must agree, quite distinguished) and I love your description of your relationship with him.

    • There’s something endearing about elderly animals, especially when they still show some of that youthful energy from time to time!

      I was torn between calling him ghost dog and wizard dog, because wizards are awesome too!!

  2. Oh my gosh he is absoloutely beautiful!! What a sweetheart!

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