World is All Gates

‘The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck’ ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

If my opportunities were strings they would be pulled taut waiting for the strike.  If they were doors I would be sat on the step waiting for them to open after hearing my knocks echo for what felt like a long eternity.

Plagued the IVF clinic answering machine again today, treading the line of persistence and nuisance. It’s like when a friend begins telling you something and cuts off right before the good bit, you really want to hear what happens next even if it means twisting their arm. I feel a bit like that, like they’ve teased me with an intern possibility and left me hanging. I’ve put myself out there for a few jobs so far, including a Lab Attendant for Canadian Blood Services, and feel like I get back a screen of silence.

I also made another important phone call – to the hairdresser. Can I confess something? I haven’t had my hair cut in over 5 months, I guess I never got around to making that call. So my bangs have reached that awkward stage and any style that was originally there has grown out. It looks totally different to the girl who left the salon back in December (who got a fringe cut for the first time since she was 12 years olds). I’m always surprised by how much difference a haircut, a kind word, a smile or wearing a pretty top can make to the bounce in your step. When you catch sight of yourself in a shop window and feel like twirling, then watching it back at 1000 frames per second. Then there are those days which eat away at your confidence. Everyone deserves that bounce.

I was drawn into Indigo bookstore yesterday. 501 must-see cities book was sitting in the window. So in a trance I enter the store and take the book to the counter, it was 10 bucks and I’m far too weak to resist a book that ignites wanderlust with a capital W. Plus this is as close as I will get to Tokyo, Berlin and Paris for now.

Whilst serving me the colleagues behind the till are talking among themselves. From what I could make out a guy had just found some resumes that were about two months old and figures it’s about time to looking through them, in a grudging tone. He mentioned there was a girl who had two and a half years worth experience at Chapters. The lady next to him shrugged, and said something to the effect of – “Do we really need someone with that much experience?” Hearing this conversation was disheartening.

I hate to think of resumes sitting and collecting dust, lost and forgotten. I might as well have just mailed it to a super massive black hole at least then I would have the pleasure of watching it being stretched  into spaghetti. Careers services told us that experience makes all the difference not just to whether you will get the job, but an interview. Employers want to hear about experience, what you learned from it and how it can be applied to the position they are hiring for. CV girl is likely to be aware of the top authors in an assortment of genres and probably able to operate the till system, I’m not sure how a couple of years in a book store could make her overqualified and I bet she happily wrote it down on her resume thinking it would be a selling point. Waiting on a call that may not happen for a couple of months, if at all.

If something doesn’t happen, remember,

you gave it your all and that’s the best anyone can do.

Sometimes things are out of our control, remember,

you gave it your all and that’s the best anyone can do.



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3 responses to “World is All Gates

  1. I don’t exactly understand where or how the progression of this post is going. It’s very erratic, like something out of a palahniuk book.

    Although I do like a post with the word “whilst!”

  2. wow, your blog’s really taken off during my internet interim. glad to see it 🙂

    as for this post – i say keep at it, and KEEP AT IT. but more importantly.. keep talking about it. i hear more and more stories from us twenty somethings about how our best experiences and our first jobs aren’t coming from doing things the old fashioned resume way. they’re coming from talking about what we want and what we do and who we are. people pass on good stories to the people who can help and people want to help out good people who deserve it. kind of a romantic way of saying ‘it’s all who you know’ but it’s more about putting yourself out there. you never know who’s listening. that’s my hope sermon for the day. -c

  3. Julie

    “Do we really need someone with that much experience?” Hearing this conversation was disheartening.

    I remembered when my friends who graduated a year before me were desperate to look for ANY job, they got turned away because they were “overqualified”–yes that’s true but they needed the money. I guess what they saw in them and other candidates like them was that they were just going to leave. Or actually I remembered when people were applying for UCLA jobs–which are very hard to get unless you know someone. But anyways my friend knew someone who worked an office job at the medical center and her job was just filing papers. It turns out that about 200 people were applying for that job but the thing is they had to make it selective because they knew the people who were clearly over qualified would just apply/transfer for a better job within UCLA. I guess when it comes to looking for a candidate, they have also see if there is room for this person to learn something.

    I believe getting an interview is important so definitely stand out from the piles of resumes. Or make them look at your resume again because they really do glance. Actually I had a friend who looked at resumes and he told me that he immediately would put away the ones that had an objective section on their resume–ouch.

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