Treasures & Trinkets

Flicking through magazines and gazing into shop windows, not to mention browsing book stores, I see many sparkly things I’d love to own. I’m not WANT WANT WANT, I learned to live modestly and minimally during University, but I would like the chance to buy things without having to think deeply about it. Knowing that I had earned it and being able to enjoy my purchases all the more because of that.

I cannot wait for my first post-graduation pay check. Which reminds me of a Postsecret I saw awhile back.

I wouldn’t spend the money wildly, definitely no buying couture that should be draped on mannequins of high-end fashion shops, but I would certainly treat my house, wardrobe and bookshelves to some treasures. Oh, and I love buying gifts for others.

My two latest treats:

I never had any Beanie Babies during the initial craze but Support the Pink Ribbon bear caught my eye, especially as the proceeds went towards Breast Cancer Care and Research. He is so pink, adorable and soft. And we could all do with Support in our lives right?

I have so many piles of magazines, photos and papers I really needed storage boxes or something to keep them in. This large box was a find, the top is actually textured and the delicate flowers and butterflies adorning it turn a storage box into something quite pretty. I’m using this one for my postcards, letters and stationery but I will definitely go back for more boxes. I really should be banned from arts, crafts and stationary stores!



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3 responses to “Treasures & Trinkets

  1. Silje

    I am the worst when it comes to stationary stores. I cannot leave without getting something. There is something about them that just draws me in and does not let me go before I have bought something. Just thinking about it now makes me want to run of and find a stationary store…

  2. I’m the same but i always buy fancy pens for no reason other than, “oh a rollerball!” or “oh a rubber grip!” or “oh the pretty design!”

    The box is rather lovely! I love storage boxes too – i’ve a floral one, an oriental one with cherry blossom designs all over it, and one with little golden retriever puppies on it…just because i went a bit puppy-crazy when we got our dog =D

  3. Julie

    I’ve been wanting to a get a box to store my postcards too! can’t wait to show it off until I find the perfect box.

    You know I remembered when I got my last ever pay check from my last job and my deposit from my last place in Los Angeles it went straight to my credit card debt and bills.

    But when first paycheck from my first real job, it still went to credit card and bills but…I got myself a new digital camera. 🙂

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