Scribbled Postcards (Part III)

A hoy! Globetrotting via Postcards time.

Given that it’s a Sunday, I figured I would catch up on my Postcrossing and save my reflective posts for the week. When I write, I start off with a thought, a statement or an idea and it just seems to flow even if I have to encourage myself to get it rolling, hopefully that is how I will conquer the Daily Post challenge.

The lights and glow of Shanghai give a sense of movement and really illuminate the pace and vibrancy of the city. This was sent to me from Lee, a New Zealander lucky enough to be taking some vacation time in China. The postcard shows the World Finance Centre next to the Jinmao Tower, the World Finance Centre stands 492m tall, 101 floors and boasts the world’s highest observatory – the views are immense. The centre is based on the sky garden concept; a vertical neighbourhood with the garden creating a sense of community, merging architecture and nature. I really can’t imagine a building four times the size of my apartment block reaching up into the sky.

Beautiful traditional Geisha girl Japanese art from Michiho. There was so much cute packed into this card it was unbelievable, and she even included a little photo of her family.

Warsaw, Poland from Ann. This is the Palace of Culture and Science, the tallest building in Poland, a gift from the Soviet Union and its association with Joseph Stalin is deemed controversial by some. In all honesty I don’t know much about Poland at all so it was great to get a little insight into this country.

Vladivostok, Russia – sent by Victoria. This shows a railway station in 1912, which is ancient in comparison to the majority of buildings in Calgary. The morph of ye olde station to the modern-day one is a pretty neat display of the changing times.

Modern art cards showing work from native artists. Top left – Dutch artist and writer Charlotte Mutsaers (‘La Belle et la Bête’), sent from Arheim, Holland. Top right – the bold brushstrokes of Pertti Pihlajaoja, sent from Finland. Bottom left – art by Peter Schulz. Sent with good wishes from Germany. I’m not a stamp aficionado but these multi-coloured cats with their comical expression are awesome.

A typical autumnal landscape in the Puglia region of Italy. The golden wheat gives a sense of movement, I can imagine it bobbing about in the wind and the whole field seeming to shift as the wind changes. Oh and the vivid blue of the stamp Campanula is gorgeous!

Bahrain, sent by Mogusa. This card looks brilliant when it catches the light and is of a wind tower – a natural cooling system in Arabian traditional architecture.

A postcard depicting the traditional and popular sport, sumo. Sent from Japan by Julie. Drawn in a conventional style by Kunisada Utagawa, one of the most decadent designers of woodblock prints.



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2 responses to “Scribbled Postcards (Part III)

  1. unabridgedgirl

    Okay. Now I want to send you a post card!

  2. They’re so beautiful, each and every one of them! How did you get connected to this??

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