Supernova Remnants

‘It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves’ ~ William Shakespeare.

Space blows my mind. Thinking about the expanding universe and how we’re just a tiny speck in the unimaginable immensity of it all. I am a geek like that. I recently watched a Stephen Hawking’s program on time travel and was perplexed by the possibility of time travel but how the whole concept seemed unbelievable but the laws of physics make it so. I add this is time travel into the future, as time travel into the past poses too many paradoxes.

Here is something else amazing, on a whole new level of amazing – YOU ARE A STAR. No really, all heavy elements have been formed from within stars. All atoms come from stars (except those created by the Big Bang), released during its dying phase. You are from within the ‘heart of an exploding star’, as beautiful as the Crab nebula above. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the distance between celestial bodies but really we are more connected than you might initially think. Take a moment to consider the closeness between what is up there shining down from the inky dark sky and who you see in the mirror, now you can look at the sky a little differently. Shine as brilliantly and brightly.

Because you are the remnants of a supernova.


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