Pale in Comparison

‘Take the power to make your life happy’ ~ Susan Polis Schutze

Sometimes you get a little bit of good news that makes your day.

I found out that my Mum’s biopsy came back negative for the C word. In December she went to the doctors concerning a small darkened spot of skin that sat just under her eye, it’s not noticeable at all but it was bothering her and the consultant said it looked like basal cell carcinoma. This is a non-metastasizing type of skin cancer but it can eat away at the skin underneath causing disfigurement. Which really upset me, you never want to think of anyone you are close to having to go through painful surgery or hurting. After going through the biopsy and months of bated breath it was good news, and she met her idol Donny Osmond in Vegas!! Double whammy of happy.

The Mummy

My Mum admits that when she was in her teens and twenties she wasn’t very wise about the sun, they didn’t get the same emphasis on cream up and cover up as we do now and there was less consciousness of the danger of UV rays. I hasten to add if the sun is shining I’m always sporting at least SPF 30, anything above that has a matter of a few percent increased protection but I still wear SPF 60 on my face. As you can see from my pictures I have quite a creamy and pale complexion and a grown acceptance that this is the way I am and I should learn to love my skin and its glowing luminosity even if I can’t tan like a bronzed goddess. The park is full of people shedding clothes and turning into lobsters as they brave high noon sun. I can’t stand to sit and bake myself and never have, but something I do love is walking in the fine weather, swooping in and out of the shade. More and more celebrities grace the red carpet minus the fake tan and prove pale is beautiful. There is no longer a cookie cutter look to being glamorous. Thank goodness.

I think the best thing about getting older is watching our confidences grow, moving towards fearlessness, taking chances and an acceptance of ourselves. Beauty is beyond the magazines and television. The moment we realise that and shrug off that concept of conventional beauty we set ourselves free to be happier. Life is too short to compare ourselves to others and worry about if we measure up.


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One response to “Pale in Comparison

  1. ikkenorskgirl

    I’m so glad you wrote this post! And I’m so relieved to hear your mum is healthy 🙂

    I’m a fellow pale one, and I wear SPF 50 on my face every day, even on cloudy days. I, like you, absolutely hate roasting myself like a hog out in the sun and I have never been tempted to apply fake tan to make myself look more “normal”.

    I remember at school I got picked on because of how pale my skin is, and I hated it. I used to think to myself about why the teachers would stop people making comments about those with darker skin, but to make horrible remarks about my pasty white skin was acceptable. OK, I’ve never been denied anything because of the colour of my skin, but my overall acceptance into “good looking society” and, in my teenage years, happiness and self-acceptance was indeed denied.

    But, now I’ve grown to love the skin I’m in (good ol’ Dove!). I love how unique I look, even though there are more celebrities sporting the pale look, the rest of the general public don’t seem to follow it…yet!

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