Wonderful World

‘There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day’ ~ Alexander Woollcott

Determined not to let my anxiety and thoughts ruin a perfectly good day I swept them back to the deepest darkest corners of my mind to be dealt with later. I had let my decision invade my mind and it just ended up making my mind pound frantically every time it did. Clouds hardly peppered the sky and the sunshine was able to bathe the pavements and grass below it in a bright, blinding light. I simply had to get outside.

I went to two live music events today Carifest 2010, a celebration of all things Caribbean. Think timpani, flying Rastafarian colours and ladies dressed in Carnival gear – an assortment of brightly coloured feathers, body glitter and sparkly, skimpy outfits. The smell of Jamaican Jerked Chicken enveloping the food tents and the beat of percussion ever-present in the air. Very apt for a sunny afternoon, alas! no beaches or palm trees in the near vicinity. I think that would have just about completed the setting.

Such a fan of outdoor music events, you will find me there enjoying the vibe of the crowd regardless of if it’s melodic rock, trance, cheesy pop or Scandinavian death metal. It’s more the energy and enjoying being in the open air that attracts me.

I spent the rest of the day down here at the Bow River park.

The smooth pavement makes this a mecca for skateboarders, rollerblading and joggers who take the miles in their stride and enjoy being close to the river, nature and gazing at the riverside apartments (they are gorgeous).  It’s days like today which make me happy to be here, when snow and deep freeze is a distant memory – this is Calgary, so you never know when the weather will turn!

I went to the Eau Claire centre (unique shopping mall, food market) and was sitting outside on a bench watching long distance runner complete a course and high-fiving a man dressed in a Blackberry suit as they crossed the finish line. We sat and listened to an acoustic duo, with a sneaky harmonica, their music strikes of sincerity and lessons learnt during their travels, something about wishing on shooting stars and unforgettable beauty of Australian beaches. I could have sat there all day….

Till I saw a guy with a pet snake (a bull python) around his neck and I had a compulsion to pet the reptile. With an oil slick sheen shimmering on its skin, the snake looked at me with lifeless eyes probably wondering what this enthusiastic girl wanted. He didn’t seem phased by my excitement and apparently this little sucker escapes on a regular basis, which make me want to always make sure toilet lids are firmly closed. Maybe with a few books on for extra security.

Then we went over to Prince’s Island Park. Apologises for windswept photo, but can you feel the happiness and relaxation of the moment? Bliss!

Something I am famed for… if I’m carrying around a fizzy drink or a smoothie, and a wasp wants to ninja my bounty, regardless of who is around and who gets soaked I will 1) Do a tribal dance for 30 seconds and when the wasp gets aggressive, 2) Throw the drink like a projectile missile to divert the waspy attention.

A release of serotonin and a chance to enjoy the outdoors was just what I needed and tonight I feel rejuvenated and that I have a clearer and more focused mindset. HOORAH!



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3 responses to “Wonderful World

  1. Hmm, I’ve been feeling recently that there have been a lot of unimportant days in my life. But, it makes those important ones so much more meaningful and memorable. It seems like you had such a beautiful day, with more things packed in than I would in a whole week!

    I’m so impressed with your snake bravery! And with the wasps, I try to remain calm and act like it doesn’t matter because “they’ll lose interest”. But when you have a persistent bugger it does raise my heartbeat to the point of near death. Anddd, I’m impressed with you being able to enjoy Scandinavian death metal – my adorable other half has been on my back trying to get me to say I’d go to one of his gigs…but alas, to no avail…yet…! :p

  2. Eric

    you are a perfect match…=)

  3. Wonderful pics, sounds like a fabulous time. Eep about the snake!! I’d be terrified!

    And may I just say what a lovely writer you are 🙂

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