Keep Moving

‘Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach’ ~ Tom Robbins

Thank you from the bottom of the heart for all who gave me their 2 cents with the decision issue. It caught me very off guard and I appreciate the encouragement. My main problem is making up my mind and not staying static and just blindly worrying. So after a weekend of not assaulting my brain with options it seemed to come almost to its own conclusion. Which seems to be how my brain works, if I take some pressure off, get outside and away from the computer it seems to work its neural magic and get me back on track. Like when you forget a name or the vital part of a fact, and somehow it will come to you in the shower and it’s a ‘A ha!’ moment. What precious grey matter! I am back.

Just making a decision is important. The very ability to be able to come to a decision and a calculated one at that is a skill in itself. The ability not to over think, stress and wrestle with a decision but to stay cool, collected and confident in your choice.

The scariest thing is facing the unknown, wondering how another choice would have played out and how different your life would be with this path in motion, there will also be the struggle with challenging the existing balance of everything and embracing change.

This is what I did. On Sunday night I emailed the laboratory director and explained my situation – the work permit 3 hours rule, which I suggested I could adhere to whilst waiting for medical clearance to be allowed to go beyond work experience and actually be employed in that environment. So after a decision has been left resting with me I’ve volleyed it back. I should also mention that the job was part-time with no benefits to speak of, but as far as getting my foot on a ladder and something of some career relevance, it works. And did I mention the cryopreservation area was awesome?!

This doesn’t chain me to Calgary forever, life happens and all you can do is make the best decision that is right for you at the time.  As well as thinking about what you want you need to be realistic and take into account the economy and job market. I hear the coalition government in the UK are cutting a lot of jobs in the public sector and things will get worst before getting better, wouldn’t it be foolish to not at least attempt to make the opportunities here work for me? So I wait for her decision now, if she says 4-6 weeks is too long to wait then I will make a mental note of ‘not meant to be and tried’.

Like the quote commands, flexibility. Your choices don’t have to encase you in concrete, stuck.

About two minutes ago I applied for a temporary job at the University, working full-time two months on cell lines and their response to therapeutic agents. Unfortunately the post has a strong internal candidate but hey, I am not standing still. Definitely still watching from my lookout post.

Still moving.



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3 responses to “Keep Moving

  1. I’m happy for your new found freedom in decision making. From an ancient point of view each one of us has all the answers to all the questions life may present, we just have to find a point of inner solace to be able to hear the inner wisdom, whether it be from ones self higher self or the voice of GOD, ‘burning bush or not.’ One could say that taking time to be away from the cause of frustration is similar to Christs need to spend time in the garden in silence away from the disciples to talk to the Father and that such events as frustration or challenge are needed to stimulate the creative flow, change and growth. Although it is not my place I commend you on the thoughtfulness of your decision making. Your process is inspiring.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hmmm…prepare yourself for some weird seemingly contradictive comment from moi, the constant uprooter 😉

    I totally agree with the whole thing of being flexible and responding and going with whatever life brings you/flings at you in violent pms rage. I think the bike image is right to a certain degree, but just like a long bike ride, you need to take breaks, stop and take in the landscape around you while getting some foody goodness and tending to some sore muscles.

    Taking time out from life’s journey is ok, and I know the thought of riding without a map is definitely daunting. But, take this chance to really look at the beautiful things you have in your life right now, without thinking, just taking note of how happy it makes you feel. That will definitely, sans doute, help you when accepting any rocks that just wanna trip you up.

    Being still does not mean being stuck. You’re a human being, part of nature, which is never stuck.

    Enjoy the present, it’s never around long enough!

    On a non philo-sophie-cal note, I hope the new revised job idea turns out well, Nikki! Keep us posted!

  3. I love the new found freedom you’re feeling! I’m reading a great book right now about living in the present moment and it’s fascinating; we tend to worry so much about past hurts or future uncertainties that often we forget to live in the present and take it as it comes. I’ll keep my fingers tightly crossed for the job for you, and “What precious grey matter! I am back” was just about the best line ever 🙂

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