A Dog Day

Tiresome and stuffy, the bus journey dragged on, I was wondering if I would even get off at the right stop for the animal shelter. After escaping the confines of the vehicle and letting 45 minutes of journey evaporate away I was standing in front of the building. I could sense the creature compassion and happy wagging tails before I even entered. My purpose for being here was actually volunteer-oriented and I had an interview with the volunteer manager – which went swimmingly well and she was super nice.

Not only are neglected, abandoned and surrendered doggies bought here but the biggest lop-eared rabbits you’ve ever laid eyes on, kitty cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and even a rogue snake has found its way into the shelter’s possession. 7000-8000 animals a year are bought through their doors – imagine that!  Using their super powers of love and care they arrange adoptions, offer top-notch care and educate the public, real life animal heroes.

One thing that struck me about the dogs here was how well-behaved they were, either greeting you with barks and bounding – wanting to lick your face off in the friendliest of ways, or calm and gentle – to put you at ease in their company. Each dog has such a distinct personality, like people there are those that immediately want you attention and crave it, and those that are happy to sit back and maybe be a bit cautious about revealing too much of their personality till you know them better.

I thought I would share some photos of my day, including my favourite dogs. Yes, if I had the room I would love and look after them all, then buy a sleigh so I can get around the city when the winter snow starts to layer the ground.

Human kindness

Ginger (German shepherd, rottweiler cross) and Yoyo (American Eskimo). Great dogs, great spirit.

Top: Benny. Love at first sight. Here’s 50% American Eskimo, 50% who knows (pure awesome). He looked so full of joy I thought he would burst. Below: Charlie, a giant Saint Bernard, though between you and me I think he’s crossed with a giant teddy bear.

I have such a promising feeling about getting involved here, I’m excited to be a dog walker and carer and looking forward to putting a positive stamp on animals’ lives. Who wouldn’t want to spread kindness in the face of unconditional puppy love?



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6 responses to “A Dog Day

  1. I got my cat from the pound, I went looking for a kitten and there was Willow with the biggest eyes and fluffiest tail that said LOVE ME! and she has an amazing personality.
    We always had a pet dog as we grew up, and my parents would take us kids to the pound to see the abandoned & lost animals, so we would understand where they went and what happened to them – and that we had to take care of our pets.
    Sounds like an awesome thing your doing:) hope you have fun, and I’m sure the dogs will have fun too

    • Thanks so much ❤ I always get the feeling that the animals that get rehomed must be extra thankful that someone was kind enough to take them in and it must seem such a happy contrast to their previous lives. I bet Willow loves you with all her kitty heart.

      As kids I think pets taught us so much about responsibility. Going to a pound is definitely a wake-up call it's so sad how some animals get treated.

  2. This is so wonderful. I’m so excited for you, and I can’t wait to get involved in our local Humane Society. Animals are dear to my heart 🙂

    • We can trade animal stories, let me know when you get involved!! 😀 I can’t wait to get started.
      So sad these animals have been neglected or surrendered, they have such sweet temperaments and deserve so much love.

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