So it was over

Well June has certainly been no extraordinary month, but I will remember it fondly as a time of daily blogging. Goodbye June NaBloPoMo! Something I’ve learned is that when push comes to shove, regardless of how motivated I am to write, my mind can stretch and find the words.
It is no easy feat, I think writing everyday takes discipline regardless of how much creativity, inspiration and literary genius is locked inside.

Tomorrow is Canada day (please let there be inflatable beavers!) and although I have yet to find out how Canada celebrates this day I have an inkling there will be a whole lot of red and white involved. Tonight we’re going on the Greyhound bus to Banff, the wonder of majestic mountains, roaming bears and lakes, the bluest of blues awaits. A little slice of heaven right here on earth with raw and untouched nature. I love the thought that the landscape has been unchanged for thousands of years, outside the realm of human control. I will be gone till July 3rd evening and then I’ll take a few days blogging hiatus to reply to every kind, thoughtful and insightful word written to me and come right back at you telling of my mountaineering adventures and how I wrestled a grizzly bear with my bare hands and stripped off unashamed in a hot springs*.

*Dramatisation may not happen.



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7 responses to “So it was over

  1. Congratulations on a whole month of blogging! Now, enjoy your fantastic getaway! 🙂

  2. Have a great time! And try not to get into a fight with a grizzly 😛

  3. Oh, yay for Banff! It’s one of the few Canadian places outside of MB I’ve visited, and it’s just lovely. I’ll cross my fingers for inflatable beavers 🙂

  4. Julie

    Congrats on finishing! I remembered it was pretty hard to come up with something to write everyday.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of Canada Day!

    • Ray

      Wow. Decided to read up on the history of Canada. I never knew the Scots had such an influence on Canada. Hell I just found it Calgary is named after a Scottish beach… maybe it’s time to get ma kilt out of the storage room, with shorts of course, and visit old ye Canada 😛

  5. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. 🙂

    I hope you had a great trip! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  6. Haven’t been on your blog for a while, i thought I would come and see what’s going on around here. Amazing as ever.

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