About Her

Who is CitySoliloquy?

Just an eloquent girl from the British isles. Twenties. She resides in Calgary, Canada  – the heart of Western Canada, home of cowboys, hockey players and Chinook warm breezes. A stones throw away from the glorious National Parks and a mountainous playground complete with moose, bears and sparkling turquoise lakes.

Passionate. Driven & determined. Eternal optimist. Has a thirst for knowledge. Impeccably sharp focus. Lover of arts and culture. Scientifically curious mind. Gets much pleasure in appreciating the beauty of the world, nature and all the small things in between.

Always fascinated in science, she blames David Attenborough naturalist extraordinaire and a microscope disguised as an early Christmas present for sending her to University of Sheffield (England) to pursue a love of all things biology-related.

Since she graduated (30th July 2009) she has experienced the Viking Kingdom of Norway and traversed Western Canada. Fast forward to Jan 2010, is waiting 2.5 month for a Work Visa to return to Calgary, get employed (a feat with the economic slowdance) and reunite with her process engineering boyfriend of 4.5 years. Though she misses her friends, family and the ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude of Britain, she believes everyone should experience living in a country other than their own once in their lifetime.

She would love to get a Masters degree someday soon because she goes a bit loopy if she isn’t learning something new everyday and classes herself as a lifelong learner of the hard-working variety. Her ambitions lie in working in IVF/reproductive biology with some scientific journalism on the side. Though there are a whole bundle of other jobs she would love to be given the chance to do.

She hates talking in third person, but will proceed to on this one off occasion.

Why CitySoliloquy?

Having been bought up in quaint towns and rural areas the majority of her life, a real city is somewhat uncharted and unexplored territory. Somewhere she hopes to explore, chase her dreams and find her place in the world  as do many people who find themselves drawn to concrete jungles.

Soliloquy, one of the most beautiful words in the English language to roll off the tongue. It also conveys the purpose of this humble blog – a monologue of unspoken reflections and the revealing of thoughts oblivious to the presence of an audience.

More about CitySoliloquy

Her birthday is 30th December, which she thinks is terribly inconvenient.

She is related to William Adams, the man who inspired Shogun. He is her many-times-great granddad on her Mum’s side, and is believed to be the first Briton to reach Japan and was the key advisor to the shogun there, arranging the Japanese naval fleets. He was honored by being made the first white samurai. Nikki pretends this makes her an honorary samurai too.

She has some French blood in her veins. Oh la la!

Believes in the lost art of letter writing – had a German penpal when she was 15 and would love to send/receive mail to/from far-flung areas of the globe again.

Has a beautiful tortoiseshell cat called Sasha, and has had the pleasure of knowing 4 hamsters – Twinkle, Sandy, Soda and Muffin. RIP.

Enjoys her own space, but conversely is a bit of a social butterfly – whether going for coffee/cake, daytrips or dancing the night away, but also making new friends in the real world as well as cyberspace.

Daydreamer. Open-minded. Realist with a hidden idealistic streak. Fiery temper but has it under control – it’s misinterpreted passion! Self-confessed geek. Devout friend.

Strong believer in embracing challenges, taking (calculated) risks, trying new activities and broadening horizons. Besides, that is what life is all about.

She terms herself an agnostic Buddhist. It’s a good philosophy for life.

She adores:

Travel – exploring new cities, the thrill of the journey, discovering and absorbing new cultures, adapting to new situations and feeling alive.

Reading – happiness is sitting with a mug of hot chocolate, wrapped in a fleecy blanket whilst it’s snowing or raining outside and losing yourself, educating yourself and stretching your imagination. Bookstores and libraries are prime Nikki playgrounds.

Conversations – sharing opinions, debating big questions and getting philosophical in the early hours of the morning.

Going on long walks and evenings runs. The ocean and breath-taking landscapes in the Great Outdoors.

Languages – she would love to be fluent in French, German and Norwegian.

National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Biology, Philosophy and Psychology.

Cinema – a penchant for independent and foreign films. Her all-time favorite movie is Moulin Rouge.

“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.” Anything and everything graces her iTunes, though Anberlin, Michael Bublé, Ellie Goulding, New Found Glory, Røyksopp and Imogen Heap top her list.

Gray’s Anatomy is about the only TV show she actually keeps up with these days.

Writing and Photography make up her big loves.

Keeping busy and getting involved in any personal projects or assignments is a must.

Old buildings, high beamed ceilings, cathedrals and Gothic architecture.

Dance, kayaking, fashion, horse-riding, tennis, roller blading and ice skating feature on her activity list.

Take up skiing is on her to-do list.

You will probably find her visiting a museum, aquarium, Calgary zoo or nosing round art galleries, museums and exhibitions on the weekend dragging round a sorry soul whilst she skips about enthusiastically.

…and that ladies and gentlemen is my overdue ‘About Me’ list.


21 responses to “About Her

  1. The Oyster Sauce

    you’re hot

  2. jon

    You are living in a beautiful area. Enjoy your life. When I had good vision I read “Shogun” and “Tai-pan” by James Clavell. (an interesting guy).
    I like many of James Michener’s books. “Hawaii” and “Centennial” are my favorite.
    I read much shorter books now.

    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed your post on recollections from school.
      Reading is such a wonderful pastime, I will definitely delve into some James Michener on your recommendation.
      Take care Jon.

  3. First I have to say I like the Cookie Monster picture.

    Then I could go on about how I love reading and libraries too, and how my penpal was Japanese, and get the whole realist/idealist/daydreamer love of learning thing.

    Just not so much the science part. 🙂

    • Apparently that Cookie Monster is 30 years old(!). He’s a bit delicate but it’s possible to actually feed him cookies I was told…so I did. Was messy but highly amusing 🙂 He’s a pro at working the camera and all. I wish he was mine but my boyfriend’s parents are holding him captive 😦

      Yay – someone whose a bit like moi (even minus my geeky science part).

      Japanese penpal?! I’m jealous, I hope you learned to write in crazy kanji and were showered with Hello Kitty goodies.

  4. Dang boyfriend’s parents. Not nice holding an awesome Cookie Monster hostage.

    I am always absurdly excited when I find someone and say Hey! Someone like ME! Wow! 🙂

    And my japanese penpal just used me to learn to write in English. There were only a few students in our school who were chosen to have one of the penpals. We were able to meet them that summer but few of them could Speak any english. So a friendship wasn’t really formed sadly.

  5. Oh, so you are Brit girl like me! 🙂

    Many thanks for dropping by my blog; I really should update it more.

    This blog looks great, I’ll go have a little read…

  6. Glad I read this.. I think we have a lot in common! From loving nature, reading, and learning to being a realist with a hidden idealist streak. Looking forward to reading more:)

    • I love your post about the little things in life, it makes me want to start a gratitude diary and pick out the tiny things that often go unnoticed but make me so thankful.

      It’s great to hear blogs from other people who are learning to silence their inner critic and live 🙂

  7. I love the sciences too, but I am a naturalist like plant biology and space theorem? That doesn’t make sense, but this is a comment on a cute girl’s Blog; it’s not supposed to! (The guy who said you were hot was so right, but so crass to put it like that. Didn’t like that.) I am actually having to follow the Technology movement, though, computers, hardware, software….wish I could go back to my career of planting trees and flowers, but no one has any money for this anyore. You do very well just being a flower, though, I will read more of your work later, hope to see your page again soon? David

    • Haha! 😀 😀

      Oh I dabbled in a fair bit of plant science in my course. From the ecology stuff to the itty bitty molecular stuff.

      Life is one gigantic compromise. It’s sad that we have to make that decision and it’s often split between picking something we would enjoy doing and not call ‘work’ and something that we can tolerate but pays.

      Promise to keep being a flower 🙂

  8. Really like your blog! 🙂

  9. BeneathTheSpinLight

    Love the blog and all your pictures. 🙂

  10. chriskoenig4324

    Very nice site. Thanks for visiting mine. Good luck on your 30 posts in 30 days for the month of June!

    FYI – I lived in Norway for 7 years when I was younger and haven’t been back in over 20 years. One day I plan on going back though… I might be 50 but it’ll happen!

  11. Your “About Me” list is definitely too long for me to comment on it specifically, but I’d say you’re cool! We’ve quite a number of things in common as well.. Would love to be friends with you! 😀

  12. AWESOME……………..
    I’m regular reader of Your Blog from Today……..
    Liked Your Blog very much…

  13. elmer

    daydreamers unite!

  14. Neat and big About page. 😀 Good, though.

    By the way would you mind visiting my blog regularly? I’d love to have you read my posts and comment as well.

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