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Coffee Haven

A hub for blogging, letter writing, musical genius and a place to quell your caffeine addiction. Most people have their favourite coffee haunt, a place they feel comfortable to hunker down and get something done, people watch, a place to engage in conversation with complete strangers and maybe idly watch the world go by.

I thought I’d share my coffee hidey-hole. Going by the name Kawa, meaning ‘coffee’ in Polish, this cafe brings an authentic European coffee experience to Calgary and not only that but latte art competitions, musical events and I even recall a chess championships. I think it’s brilliant that the owners try and invoke some community spirit and make the coffee shop a centre for activity and socialising. The inside is sleek and sophisticated, but not intimidatingly so, giving it a modern comfort. The smell of 49th Parallel coffee beans permeates the air. Modern art pieces hang on the walls and a wooden piano sit humbly in the corner. Familiar faces of strangers always present, funny how you often get the same people sitting in exactly the same spots like they have monopoly of them.

I normally visit once or twice a week when I have a list of things to do and need somewhere to knuckle down to it. For me it’s a good environment for concentration. My orders are becoming quite predictable, when the weather is scorching – a caramel or extreme toffee frappe, and when it’s chilly – a white chocolate mocha. Even the baristas seem to be picking up on my trends. Maybe I need to learn from the saying, ‘variety is the spice of life’.



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Coffee Shops and Scorchers

‘Joy in the the task of coffee, joy accompanied me as I walked’ ~ Anais Nin.

The sun sits high in the sky, a blazing inferno. Winking at me as it passes in and out of the clouds. Sunbeams piercing through the luminous wisps beating down heavily on the pavement. Did someone crank up the thermostat here? It’s 25°C outside today with a string of scorchers preceding it and more expected. The perfect place to seek shade and escape the dry heat, the coffee shop.

Coffee shops were always a great place to study. I’d spread my textbooks out across the table, monopolising every bit of space. The hustle and bustle, catching fragments of others conversations and the sense of movement around me kept me alert almost as much as the caffeine. There was always the chance to bump into a familiar face, a pleasant distraction and we’d swap some gossip and complain about our impending quarter life crises and how we wished life was simpler. Wonder where our Fresher’s day had gone and why reading lists look nightmarish. Deny the existence of the real world outside being a student.

Today I’m in a coffee shop on 8th Avenue. The main pull is the guilt-free wi-fi, I can sit here for a couple of hours after ordering a frappe and a bagel and not feel like I’ve out stayed my welcome. People acknowledge each other. One guy asked me if I was doing my homework (which reminds me, last week when I told someone I had graduated, his reply was – ‘High school?’. Pfft.) and another commented on my deadly tripwire extension cord for the laptop power supply which I agreed was a death trap and slightly overkill.

I’ve never posted from a coffee shop before. Isn’t this prime blogger territory? Can I be in part of the cool blogging crowd now?

Gazing around I speculate at what each writer was working on. Maybe they are writing an epic novel, please not a Twilight clone. Maybe a poet with a restless soul pouring out romance, trying to be a modern-day Keats. The social networking addicts who I assume are Facebook stalking. The Warcraft gamers completely absorbed in their fantasy world. Or a small time blogger like me – sitting, observing, writing a little here and there. Mostly observing.

I just overheard some prize backstabbing from two women whose work colleague was now out of earshot. From what I gathered the three were working on a spot of event planning but when one left it had switched to MEOW mode. ‘She’s so difficult to work with’, ‘X creates issues that shouldn’t even be issues’ and my favorite ‘next time I’ll say, don’t give me bullshit *dramatic pause*. End of story’. Retract your claws ladies and if you can’t say anything nice….

In other news:

I checked out the University of Calgary job site and to my surprise there were three laboratory assistant jobs that didn’t need years of experience or certification I had never heard of. What the? This never happens. The application deadline is 21st so I will send a CV off tomorrow. They’re only temporary jobs but they would nicely fill a lab experience gap till I can apply to clinical embryology training and mean I finally have something after my University education to add to my resume instead of my Diploma in Life and Adapting To A New Country (Hons) with an MA in Work Permit Patience .


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