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So it was over

Well June has certainly been no extraordinary month, but I will remember it fondly as a time of daily blogging. Goodbye June NaBloPoMo! Something I’ve learned is that when push comes to shove, regardless of how motivated I am to write, my mind can stretch and find the words.
It is no easy feat, I think writing everyday takes discipline regardless of how much creativity, inspiration and literary genius is locked inside.

Tomorrow is Canada day (please let there be inflatable beavers!) and although I have yet to find out how Canada celebrates this day I have an inkling there will be a whole lot of red and white involved. Tonight we’re going on the Greyhound bus to Banff, the wonder of majestic mountains, roaming bears and lakes, the bluest of blues awaits. A little slice of heaven right here on earth with raw and untouched nature. I love the thought that the landscape has been unchanged for thousands of years, outside the realm of human control. I will be gone till July 3rd evening and then I’ll take a few days blogging hiatus to reply to every kind, thoughtful and insightful word written to me and come right back at you telling of my mountaineering adventures and how I wrestled a grizzly bear with my bare hands and stripped off unashamed in a hot springs*.

*Dramatisation may not happen.



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Wings of Freedom

‘The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage’ ~ Thucydides (Ancient Greek historian).

I thought…

Gazing up into the sky, eyes transfixed on flocking birds. Sometimes darting unpredictably, other times in synchronous formation. Sometimes dropping through the sky, confident in their recovery. Dispersing and swarming. Encircling.

Fighting the oncoming air currents, riding determined, battling to regain their freedom.

So much space, so much sky. Their playground limitless.

I scribbled this down today in my sketchbook. We can’t sprout wings but I think we can learn a lot from birds – the importance of traveling together and learning from others (the reason birds can effortlessly switch direction is their movement influenced by those beside them, this following allows them to move in an interconnected network). They can make us pine for more freedom and fill us with wanderlust to up sticks and traverse the continents. We may question what boundaries prevent us from being truly happy and content. Birds illuminate the truth that you can go where you wish, you are not tethered, you can go where the wind takes you or let determination drive you to where you want to be. They remind us we are each battling our own air currents so we can open our metaphorical wings and glide on the breeze.

A favourite Postsecret, making a very good point.


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Down by the Lazy River

‘When you arise in the morning,

think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive –

to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.’

Marcus Aurelius

Just a reminder to live in the NOW and to appreciate our presence on Planet Earth. More than lucky.

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Flash of a Firefly

”What is life? It is the flash of the firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset’~ Crowfoot.

Calgary weather in a word. Schizophrenic. Temperature can plunge to dangerously low temperatures, venturing outside literally becomes painful. The deep winter freezes are blasted by Chinook winds with the Bow Valley to the West of the city funneling in warming winds causing the snow to vanish and the temperature to dramatically climb. At random intervals but welcomed. I experienced the joy of being tossed around like a ‘human tumbleweed’ earlier in the week as walking round the city felt like being in a perpetual wind tunnel of no escape. It has sleeted too but I want to blast any misconceptions anyone has of all Canadian weather as being trapped in a blizzard. This weekend someone cranked up the furnace because it resembled summer, highs of 18°C and I even had to bring the sunscreen out as the sun was beating down intensely on the pavement. Am I mad for buying SPF 60 for my face?

Weather is a danger zone topic, only talked of in dire situations where conversation is difficult to muster. But I’ve never been somewhere with such abrupt changes in a short period of time so it seems pretty unusual to me. Hopefully after leaving Calgary we’ll be somewhere with obvious seasonality but without the fear of killer icicles. The ‘Danger! Falling Ice!’ signs are there for a reason.

Calgary sunsets in a word. Spectacular. The sky is ablaze with a brilliant orange sheen that is as if the sky is on fire highlighting the clouds and the outline of distant mountains. It then morphs into a mottled powder pink and blue, looking as if the sky is calming and preparing itself for twilight. The whole mood of the sky and the city just changes, like that.

My Sunsets:

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