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Thudding, Plip Plop

‘There’s a period of curious fear between the first sweet-smelling breeze and the time when the rain comes cracking down’ ~ Don Delillo

Sounding like an army, distant footsteps and drumming peals thunder closer. The darkness rolls forward eating away at the light, leaving a hazy moisture-soaked daze in its wake.

Now that’s a more poetic way of saying yesterday I experienced an almighty hail storm and a less dramatic way of marking a return to blogging. With a sudden and sinister change in light, I saw the hail approaching before it even revealed itself. Which is the neat thing about living on the side facing into the open West and not into the downtown area, cramped with skyscrapers and apartments – seeing the oncoming weather sweeping towards the city centre. It came from the way of the mountains and the dark cloud swallowed up everything in the sky, buildings and trees in the distance became hazy and you could hear the hail beating down over yonder. Strange to be in sight and audible but not having any impact directly around me.

Rain drops plip-plopped heavily. Then the hail hit.

Some perfectly spherical, others irregularly shaped crashed onto the balcony edge with such force that they fragment. Ricocheting in unpredictable directions.

Finally the rain ceased up and all that could be heard was the whirling drainage flow and the rain lightly tippy-tappying. Less cruel now, not whipping the pavement.

Something wicked this way comes.


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Mind Chatter

‘Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are’ ~ Kurt Cobain.

Wednesday thoughts

  • How to crank up my productivity? I feel like I can start the morning with a list of things to do and before I know it the day slips by, plans untouched on and getting behind on my correspondences. I want to know the feeling of ticking each item off before I sleep, some kind of satisfaction and accomplishment. To feel on top of everything.
  • The past fortnight I’ve had big trouble sleeping. My energy seems to crash early evening and then I become full of beans by about 11 pm. Am I still functioning on England time? Even if I wear myself out by walking about the city or going on little adventures during the day this doesn’t seem to help. Maybe I’m just not on a schedule yet, my wake-up time seems to fluctuate over the week so my body hasn’t found a rhythm yet.
  • Less people smile when it rains. The clouds don’t just blanket the sky but everyone’s mood. I think I got two smiles directed at me in the whole day and they weren’t fueled by the need to give exceptional customer service, genuine smiles in an otherwise dismal day.

  • Today was my Mum’s 47th birthday. So what better gift than a video call? She was so surprised to see my face on the screen and I was lifting up lots of things like Canadian coins, teddy bears and showing her what lay outside my window, plus a helping of silly animated expressions for good measure. What was stranger still was seeing the familiar but oh so distant now kitchen cabinet units in the background and Sasha cat sleeping on the mat I would wipe my feet on when I came in from outside. So familiar, but distant. Almost like seeing it through someone else’s eyes.
  • No matter how much bad is in the world, there is still an amazing amount of good going on and I applaud those saints and Samaritans in disguise.
  • There’s still a good few hours before bed, maybe brave the downpour and get some evening dessert (vanilla cheesecake), post some postcards on the way. It’s never to late to attempt to make the most of the day.
  • ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. I only catch little snippets but it makes me wish I could dance that fluidly and pull those lines with my body. Unbelievable movements!
  • I have recently been reading about men/women separation policies in Saudi Arabia, also called gender apartheid.  This is a notion that is firmly implanted in society, with anything from dining areas and banks to hospitals segregating the sexes. It shocks me to hear of the treatment of these women and how they are subservient to men and oppressed so harshly. Recently David told me about one of the projects at his engineering firm based in Saudi Arabia. If a female engineer wants to make a suggestion or contribute an idea she has to relay them through a male engineer to pass on because they don’t take the female’s expertise seriously.
  • It’s relaxing to write down the thoughts that have buzzed round my mind or share the tiny little things I’ve noticed or have happened during my day. Not really think too much about the writing style or trying to get everything inside my head on one single topic out onto the screen.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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