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So it was over

Well June has certainly been no extraordinary month, but I will remember it fondly as a time of daily blogging. Goodbye June NaBloPoMo! Something I’ve learned is that when push comes to shove, regardless of how motivated I am to write, my mind can stretch and find the words.
It is no easy feat, I think writing everyday takes discipline regardless of how much creativity, inspiration and literary genius is locked inside.

Tomorrow is Canada day (please let there be inflatable beavers!) and although I have yet to find out how Canada celebrates this day I have an inkling there will be a whole lot of red and white involved. Tonight we’re going on the Greyhound bus to Banff, the wonder of majestic mountains, roaming bears and lakes, the bluest of blues awaits. A little slice of heaven right here on earth with raw and untouched nature. I love the thought that the landscape has been unchanged for thousands of years, outside the realm of human control. I will be gone till July 3rd evening and then I’ll take a few days blogging hiatus to reply to every kind, thoughtful and insightful word written to me and come right back at you telling of my mountaineering adventures and how I wrestled a grizzly bear with my bare hands and stripped off unashamed in a hot springs*.

*Dramatisation may not happen.



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You are alive.

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder ~ G.K. Chesterton

I really should write more about gratitude. If you sit and think hard about all the things you should be grateful and happy for I can guarantee life seems more beautiful and more wondrous than before. If you switch the focus from the unobtainable to what you already possess, it is so uplifting.

Recently two pieces of news have saddened me, these aren’t headline stories but personal tragedies of people I know of. People who died before their time.

Tragic events like these make me very conscious of the fact I am alive. Right now in this moment, I am alive.

Sometimes I take for granted I will be here tonight and here tomorrow, here next year. When I say goodbye to friends or family I assume I will see them again, many things left unsaid or for another time. It’s about time I stopped saying ‘there’s always tomorrow’.

There are little flecks of magic in every second of every minute of each day, regardless of whether you can see it or not. They aren’t obvious and I think to see them and appreciate them you have to¬†actively look and acknowledge their existence.

Bad day or good day. You’ve learned something. Maybe you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone, tested your character, persevered, gained insight, shown emotional strength, been assertive, found a happy place, conquered your fears or broadened your horizons. You have had the gift of another day.

You are living.


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